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The Sybarite manifesto

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Born in August 29th, 2019
Countries Visited
Hours bonding  TOGETHER

The Sybarite Flamingo grew out of our passion for travelling. We believe every traveller is different and therefore each experience deserves to be unique.

We combine adventurous activities with boutique hotels. International flights with walking hikes.

What do we stand for?

  1. Say Sybarite as in ˈsibəˌrīt. Is about better, not more. Choosing is winning. Is about memories and not fleeting euphoria.
  2. Say flamingo because we must travel every year to keep on developing ourselves. And if you say it in Spanish ‘flamenco’ it refers to where we are from. (Hint: Flanders 🇧🇪 and Jerez de la Frontera, capital of flamenco music💃🏻)
  3. Sybarite flamingos inspire everyone to feel better and stronger. The better version of themselves. Are you one of us?
  4. We help companies’ employees bond and grow through travel experiences. Or perhaps design the family trip that you do deserve. It’s all about connecting humans.
  5. We respect everyone and everything. We leave a positive footprint when we travel. We know nobody cares about (y)our money but how we treat them and their surroundings.
  6. We are different. And that is awesome! We live out of the box aiming for creative and tailor-made ideas.
  7. Our goal is to create meaningful projects. To add value. Words as luxury, exclusivity or expensive gives us itchiness.

Let's get Personal



Born in the South of Spain, Fede has been passionate about travel since he first jumped into an airplane, which captivated his attention, as well as the logistics of airports, hotels and all other parties involved in the travel industry. After working 15 years in multinationals with worldwide stakeholders, Fede is now focusing on how to improve Company mechanics through travel experiences.

“Working together doesn’t necessarily mean as a team and there are many growth opportunities by changing small behaviors. Or just rewarding and incentivizing better your staff.”



Born in the heart of West Flanders, Belgium, soon she found out her versatility is unstoppable: since the beginning of her career in marketing and fashion in Paris and Berlin she developed a special eye for styling and unique experiences.

10 years designing travel experiences developed in Stéphanie the talent to spot the next new (hot) thing. She’s in for the ride as long as it’s all about connecting people and enriching interactions.

“Whatever it is that you do – do it with style.”

Go ahead… think big!
We will make it happen