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It's bonding time!

You have a plan. A masterplan. You’ve mold every piece of it with Finance, Sales, Engineering et all during months… and everybody agrees to it! … BUT! at the end of the day it doesn’t go as it was supposed to… sounds familiar? You could be missing a key ingredient: how to best motivate and reward your teams.

We can help you engage and succeed no matter which step of the ladder you’re at. Do you recognize any of these situations? 

  • High staff-rotation 
  • Weaker performance of individiuals
  • Low engagement, the team doesn’t go the extra mile
  • Super-management team which doesn’t perform as an A-team 
  • A team that consistently hit their targets
  • Your entire company successfully hit all of their targets this season / year… 
We got a travel-experience for you… 

Management and team retreats

Every long journey begins with a step, says an Indian proverb. And as such, you need the time and space to discuss the specifics of a big project. But also to bond and understand that you only get to the finish line when you perform as one. This retreat finds the right balance between work and bonding time to help you perform as a synchronized swimming team.

✅ Is for you if….

  • You never find the time to discuss important specific topics which end up been parked aside,
  • You want to kick off an strategic project for the business (product launch, budget-LTP exercise, etc.),
  • You believe spending time together and having a wealthy emotional bank accross the team is the key to performing as ONE team.


❌ Is not for you if…

  • You want to be sitting in front of a computer in a hotel conference room,
  • You are not ready to explore new ways of working together because you already have THE right way,
  • You believe going to the office is just about work work work and not creating human relationships with colleagues.

Working together from abroad

The perfect combination between bonding with your peers while getting s*** done. You look through the window and is still dark and rainy, impacting not only your mood but also your productivity. Changing locations and breaking the routine might be the formula to secure that your time thrives. Plus, a little perk never killed anybody.

✅ Is for you if….

  • You have implemented Working from Abroad/Anywhere policies in your company,
  • You believe working together in a different environment can help your team deliver and grow,
  • You realize is not all about working and enjoy rewarding your teams from time to time.


❌ Is not for you if…

  • You see this as an office 2.0 -> same motion, different location, just work work work,
  • You don’t believe that changing the dynamics can have a positive impact on your performance,
  • Perks sounds like a 90’s TV show.

Incentive travel

Your department has accomplished your quarterly or yearly goals and you want to reward them. Or even better: the whole company met the targets and everyone deserves the reward for the “Work hard – party hard” mentality you’ve preached. Now is your time to honor your word.

✅ Is for you if….

  • You want to remunerate your teams in a different way because it’s not all about the money,
  • You understand that bonding time today will deliver future benefits as happy employees secure a bright future,
  • You rather expend part of your profits in making your existing employees happier rather than in recruiting their empty chairs.


❌ Is not for you if…

  • You have to give the yearly bonus because it feels part of the fixed salary,
  • You don’t have any link between company targets and individual performance,
  • You don’t really mind if the employee has been 6 months or years in the company as long as they deliver today.

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