How it Works


Tailored Tours

Hello you!

No matter the destination the journey begins with you. The first step is an introductory call to understand your goals, desires and dreams. As such, no two The Sybarite Flamingo itineraries are the same.

Collaboration is key

Revealing once-in-a-lifetime experiences is our call to action. We factor (almost) everything in our initial proposal but, as with any collaboration, the greater your involvement and guidance the better the outcome.

Initiating the plan

We’ll make a first draft of what would be your experience which we will go through together. Liked it? Want to change something? Awesome! We will engage through an agreement and ready to take off!

Curated itineraries

From first to final draft. From ideas into actions. As the first deposit quicks in we engage with our preferred partners for this project, ensuring there are little variances in your itinerary. We honor our commitment.

Double Check, please

Upon request, an inspection trip can be performed by our team. If you are organising for a group, it is appreciated if you can join us: the goal is to ensure the experience is 100% as expected.

Don't leave anything for the last minute!

Don’t leave for tomorrow what you can cross today, our mantra. We avoid last minute surprises and ensure your satisfaction by booking everything as soon as possible. Best seats are guaranteed when they are paid ;)!

Shout out! Go ahead… think big!
We will make it happen